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Batla House graveyard turns into safe haven for drug addicts

The Batla House graveyard that has been non-functional for the last more than a decade has turned into safe haven for drug addicts due to sheer negligence of RWAs and administration. Residents living in the locality who regularly visit the graveyard said that come dark many youths are seen overcrowding the graveyard in groups.

Many residents who used this place to walk due to open space crunch in the locality said: “It all starts at about 8 pm or late than that. Youths are seen in groups sitting and then inhaling stuffs that are not good for health. Till now nobody has gathered the courage to stop them fearing backlash.”

Since the graveyard has got uplift, youths use this place for playing cricket. But what worries locals is the use of this place by drug addicts. Many residents are deeply upset as cases of youngsters getting hooked to drugs of different kinds are on the rise. However, no official data is available.

The issue always surface during election time. It is understood that as civic bodies elections are coming local aspirants might raise it once again. Earlier, OKHLATIMES has raised the issue of another graveyard in Batla House being turned into a parking lot. Moreover, a fight too had broken recently over construction of walls in which activist Haris Ul Haque, a school teacher at Jamia Millia Islamia, was severely beaten up.

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