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Creaking outer Batla House graveyard awaits infrastructure push

Creaking outer Batla House graveyard awaits infrastructure push. Crores are being spent on improving infrastructure of Batla House graveyard, but the situation outside it is bad.

batla house graveyard creaking infrastructureResidents said just outside the graveyard the road is broken and urine and other human waste over flows on the road from the wall of the graveyard.
And many a time they are dumped in the potholes.

Mind you the situation has been like this for months with little improvement. What has surprised many residents is that as election comes nearer everyday aspirants and leaders are seen sweeping road and planting trees but nobody is bothered about the creaking infrastructure in outer Batla House graveyard.

Some residents have lamented that due to urine and other human waste seepage it is extremely difficult to pass by the locality. Moreover, the stink of urine is so strong that one cannot stand there for long or wait there for auto or gramin seva.

The situation locality is overall very bad with road infrastructure in bad shape needing an overall. But the big question is who is bothered to address the issue? “At least the road outside the graveyard should be fixed immediately. But sorry to tell you that the situation is not improving and residents are least bother about such things as they have other important things to do,” said Shahzad Khan.

All we need is to give infrastructure push to the creaking outer Batla House graveyard.

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