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Pic outside Batla House graveyard: Where are representatives, activists and prospective leaders?

Batla House road is being constructed by the Metro with work being speed up and it is good news.

It gives an impression that at least development work has begun with local elections just a few months away. But that is not the case.

Just across the road is Batla House graveyard and one can easily spot human waste overflowing in a pit outside the graveyard. And this will certainly make you feel that something is terribly wrong.

However, there is no such concern as things are going as usual with people getting down from buses and walking through the pit. Some are covering their nose to keep the stink away. What is surprising, pointed out residents, is that despite more than a core being spent to refurbish the graveyard no efforts were made to cover this pit or to address the issue.

Okhla resident M Raza had raised the issue in an email (June 2015) to this portal that also carried a report with little impact.

“For the last two months I personally followed up with local representative and qabristan president on this issue but no on working on the problem in rainy day the whole road is converted into toilet as urine spread from qabristan,” wrote Raza.

Residents said the issue should be addressed immediately as it also leads to spread of disease in the locality. And what has left them surprised that nobody, even those who are planning to contest elections and have defaced the whole locality with posters, are mum over an important issue. Self-proclaimed activists and NGOs and religious organizations too have failed to raise the issue and mount pressure on the authorities to get things addressed, said a resident, requesting not to be named.

The situation is such at a time when local elections are just a few months ago and everybody is active online and offline, including leaders and activists.


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