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Batla House blues by Haider

Traffic chaos has become an unchanged destiny of Okhla residents, writes Husian Haider Rizvi for OKHLATIMES.COM.

At the various cross sections life turns hell when the residents witness traffic tangle and they have to wait hours for the traffic to be normal. The Batla House crossing is one the worst place to pass through where the clouds of dust swirl around and traffic problem makes us inhale tonnes and tonnes of pollutants as part of their destiny. No regulation of the traffic is done by the police.
The e-rickshaws and Gramin sewa mode of transports are the real culprit. They stop their vehicles for long duration to pick up passengers and keep the engine on till they have passengers to the capacity. People are seen in blind hurry, callous, and at times cruel while riding bikes or driving their vehicles.

The youngsters have no mercy for the pedestrians who are always exposed to constant danger of being hit either by their sport bikes or by their apathy towards elders.

The never ending metro work had added untold woes to the sufferings of the people. THE heaps of dust miraculously double up day in day out but there is no provision to clean up the roads where volume of traffic is ever on the increase.

Sometimes it baffles me as to why administrative body harbors such an apathetic attitude towards this area. Traffic chaos has assumed an alarming proportion. Traffic movement is hardly regulated by traffic cops. They have left this area to the mercy of GOD.

Over these days, there have been some incidents of road rage and violence. Some horrid accidents have occurred but the concerned department has not yet swung into action.

Locals have been undergoing this ordeal for long and have decided to live with the unchanged destiny of OKHLA, Jamia Nagar.

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