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Bad roads in Okhla ‘breaking’ residents’ backs

Travelling in Okhla is an arduous task, particularly for those who use public transport like gramin seva, e-rickshaw, auto and simple rickshaw. Many residents said they are fed up with “back” breaking experience.

Though there is no data of how many residents have suffered from bad back due to travelling on Okhla roads, doctors said the road are not good for back as travelling on them are certainly leading to back problem.

Hameeda Hussain, who lives in Shaheen Bagh, told OT.COM in 2013 about the pathetic conditions of roads. “I have not voted for a long time. …even the most basic problems of water, sanitation, potholed roads and sewage disposal have not been addressed. All Jamia Nagar localities have dirty drains and face water logging during the monsoons because of the potholes.”

And four years after, very little has changed as roads continue to be in bad shape tormenting citizens.

Residents for long have been demanding for city’s roads to be repaired at the earliest but till now no concrete steps have been taken. Many commuters have complained that the road near Noam Chmosky centre is in bad shape, ruining evening vehicles’ shockers.

“We see healthy patients coming to us complaining of back pain. It is risky travelling on pothole roads,” said an orthopedist requesting anonymity. Jamia Nagar’s potholes can be easily spotted. Many have been filled on Okhla Head to Batla House road, but there are even causing great hardship to residents and bikers.

“Patients often suffer from severe back muscle spasms or severe stiffness of the back. It can lead to disc lapse and also degenerative arthritis of the intervertebral joints in the back. Chronic pain can also occur,” said orthopedic surgeon Dr Sachin Bhat.

He said: “Constant jerks caused by travelling over bad roads lead to cyclic loading on the back and this in turn leads to chronic back pain. There would be disc prolapse and, in certain cases, it might affect the nerves in the legs too. Also, these jumps can give rise to severe back muscle spasms and pain. The cyclic loading on the back can affect the intervertebral joints as well.”

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