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It’s a back-breaking ride in Okhla

It’s a back-breaking ride in Okhla. Okhla roads are in bad shape, writes Er Wasiul Hasan for OT. For long nobody, including local representatives seems to be interested in getting the roads repaired. The main road in Okhla is in bad shape.

Be it Tikona Park, Batla House, Abul Fazal Enclave, Hari Kothi, Zakir Nagar roads, all of them are filled with potholes. Driving on these roads is risky for bikers as it increases the chance of spinal injuries.

Some media attention ought to be there to solve this big problem. It used to happen in the congress period but it has almost stopped in AAP period.

The Sailing Club Road which caters to thousands in a day is in worse condition for many years.

We can just pray that good sense prevails on the authorities and they at least put patches on the roads, if complete construction is impossible.

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