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5-year-old Ayat keeps her 1st roza, makes her family proud

5-year-old Ayat keeps her 1st roza, makes her family proud. At a time when many people are struggling to fast for 16 hours due to weather and long hour, there are some cases where small children have kept their fasting, making their parents proud. Such is the story of Aayat Shakeeb of Joga Bai as she completed her first roza recently.

5-year-old keeps her first roz
Aayat Shakeeb
Her father Shakeeb Alam told OKHLATIMES: “My adorable daughter Aayat, had observed her first Roza before completing her 5 years on June 14 this year successfully.

“Though fasting in Islam is not obligatory till puberty, it was Aayat who insisted on fasting. She got up at pre dawn and had her suhoor (pre dawn meal) and offered her namaz and her Roza started. We thought when she gets up in the morning she would forget and would take her breakfast. But she remembered and was serious enough about her fasting. It was 2 pm and Aayat offered her Zuhr (afternoon prayer) still fasting.

“My wife asked her baby, are you hungry? She kept quite. Then she said I am extremely hungry. My wife hugged her and told her that she has completed her roza as a baby and now she can eat and drink. She immediately replied that is why I was not telling you. I have to complete my fasting.

“Tears rolled my wife’s eyes. With her iron determination she went on fasting till sunset and completed her 1st roza of hunger pangs, thirst and most importantly a roza of Taqwa (faith).”

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  1. We are proud of you Aayat…

  2. hey ayat thats like my baby sis….
    both of us are going to do smthing in same and this is the begining….

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