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Avoid Batla House Jamia road

Avoid Batla House Jamia road: This is message right now. If you are travelling in Okhla and are coming towards Batla House and Jamia road then avoid it for the time being as there is a heavy traffic jam.

Right now commuters are struck. It is understood that the jam will get worse as students are expected to return from schools by buses.

Traffic jam in Jamia Nagar has turned out to be a major issue. Residents lament that now jams are occurring at regular interval with traffic conditions extremely bad during rush hours.

To address the situation some activists had raised the issue of deployment of traffic police at intersection to guide rogue commuters, who flout the law with impunity by driving into wrong lanes just to reach their destination early unaware of the fact that such moves lead to chaos on roads.

“The issue was discussed during elections and it was expected that situation would improve but one year has passed since and nothing fruitful has happened. The situation of traffic is getting worst with each day with residents forced to spend hours in traffic jam. It is really painful to get struck in jams for hours. The situation is such that many residents think twice to commute on the roads,” said Shahzad Khan.

Traffic jam has attributed to mushrooming workshops on roadsides, illegal encroachment and lack of following vehicular laws.

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