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GJAN’s appeal to help Asrar Jamayee: Do you know how much Jamia alumni contributed? Answer will leave you stumped

Jamia Millia Islamia is going to be 100 years old by 2020 and since its inception it has produced a large number of alumni who are spread across the globe and well set. Hence it is expected that any appeal given by the university to help somebody will get overwhelming response. But that is unfortunately not the case. The case in point is an appeal floated by Chairman of Global Jamia Alumni Network (GJAN) Professor Moshahid Alam Rizvi in mid-June regarding support to struggling eminent poet Asrar Jamayee, a Jamia alumnus.


OT.COM has come to know from reliable source that till now nobody has come forward to help 80-year-old Asrar Jamayee, who has lost his pension as officials declared him dead. It is understood that GJAN got a few calls seeking Asrar Jamayee’s number and till now nobody has sent any check, said the source on the condition of anonymity. Even a small contribution from alumni settled across the globe would have led to collection of huge amount that would have been given to the poet who these days is based in Batla House, said the source, adding that the problem is that we are just known to speak and when it comes to contribution then we draw cipher.

Even, Jamia teachers of whom many get good salary have not come forward to contribute to the cause, said the source. However, official confirmation was hard to come by.

It was on July 13, when a message surfaced in Jamia’s largest circulating email directory in which Professor Moshahid Alam Rizvi wrote: “I wish to draw your kind attention towards the condition of an eminent Urdu poet and very senior Jamia alumnus Asrar Jamayee who is struggling for his survival these days. Several news papers have recently reported about his day to day struggle and poor condition in which he lives. Global Jamia Alumni network humbly requests all Jamiaites to support our very own Jamiate in need Asrar Jamayee.

“It is really unfortunate that he has been declared dead in government records and his only source of income through pension is also seized. Currently he leads a lonely painful life in his single rented room.

“In such circumstances all the Jamiates who wish to help him, may please submit their contribution in the form of cheque payable to “Asrar Jamayee” to the chairman, GJAN, Professor Moshahid Alam Rizvi, Head, Department of Biosciences, Jamia Mllia Islamia, New Delhi. We wish to honour him by organising a function on around 15th August 2017. Kindly hurry with your help!,” he wrote.

OT.COM also received a few emails asking for the poet’s number. Moreover, the portal carried several articles highlighting plight of the well-known poet.

And his story was carried by several publications recently, AAP Minister too turned up at Batla House to meet him promising to address the pension issue. The latest status of his case is not known.

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