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Man arrested for allegedly opening fire on ex-Cong MLA Asif Md Khan

Jamia Nagar police have arrested a man from Okhla for allegedly opening fire on former Congress MLA Asif Mohd Khan in Zakir Nagar on June 12.


According to PTI report, the arrest was made from Zakir Nagar. It is understood that the arrest was made after Khan submitted CCTV footage of the event to police that also has been parked on the social media.

Initially when Asif Md Khan and his supporters, including Pervez Alam Khan, had turned up at the police station on June 12 seeking justice for Amma and arrest of people allegedly involved in the firing, many in the locality had suspected his firing claim, terming it as a political move.

However, to strengthen his claim some among them uploaded the footage on the social media, soliciting several comments.

The PTI report claimed that the arrested person is in his mid 30s.

In today’s TOI a report has been published in which Asif Khan has alleged that he was fired upon by a group of men. Pervez Alam Khan was also on the spot.

It important to point out that the whole issue is related with a 78-year-old elderly also known as Amma.

Pervez Alam Khan had claimed that efforts are on to occupy her property by miscreants, an allegation that has rubbished by the opposition group.

The issue has been politicised, claimed activists.

Also, Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan shared a video with residents on WhatsApp and on his timeline.

The opposition has claimed that the whole drama was orchestrated by Pervez Alam Khan, who is eyeing the property.

In his defense, Pervez said: “There is nothing to hide. I request independent journalists and social activists in the locality to come and meet Amma and get her version. We are just trying to get justice for Amma. Should not we raise voice against those who want to forcibly occupy property of Amma whose husband died a month ago?”

One reader on the social media wrote: “Don’t politicise this matter… show full coverage not half of the matter and please stay away from this issue it’s a family dispute.”

Too which another user by name some Pathan wrote: “In family dispute some outsiders openly fire gunshots? The culprit who fire gunshots should be punished and senior citizen rights should be saved… it is society’s responsibility… in future it may happen with you or with anyone.”

Surprisingly both the sides are making claims and counter claims with many residents getting confused about the real issue.

Moreover, the issue took a new twist with suspended AAP leader Kapil Mishra assuring residents in a video message to turn up in the locality tomorrow to meet Amma.

He was expected to visit Batla House today but the protest was cancelled as Amma was unwell, according to Pervez Alam. Earlier in the day, AAP youth leader Mahmood had said he and some of his supporters would not let Kapil Mishra enter Batla House during Iftar.

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