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‘Disillusioned’ AAP workers desert party in Okhla, join Owasai’s AIMIM

‘Disillusioned’ AAP workers desert party in Okhla, join Owasai’s AIMIM

The event held at Ghalib Academy by Asad Owaisai’s AIMIM on Saturday was show of strength, according to sources. 

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The AIMIM started with a bang as about 300 people joined the party in Delhi, said Afzal Ansari, adding that of them 68 were ‘disillusioned’ AAP workers.

Ansari, before joining AIMIM, was associated with AAP and was its minority chief in ward number 206. Besides, Shoaib Khan, who earlier was with the AAP and then moved to BJP, has finally embraced AIMIM in the event.

Ansari wrote: “… कल इर्फानुल्लाह खान और उनके तकरीबन 300 समर्थको ने आम आदमी पार्टी छोड़कर AIMIM के असदउद्दीन ओवैसी … का हाथ थामा है…”

The party had grabbed headlines in Okhla a few days ago after reports surfaced of Irfanullah Khan joining the party and being made president of Delhi unit. Khan earlier had contested on AAP ticket in the Assembly elections but had lost to former Congress MLA Asif Md Khan. 

Following which his aura started diminishing in the party with new members joining in and also he lost in the race of party ticket to incumbent MLA Amanatullah Khan, said sources.

It is understood that the party would contest in municipal elections that is a few months away.

AAP youth leader Mahmood Ahmed said those active party workers associated with us for the last few months have not joined any party. The one who joined AIMIM are those who after failing to get position moved there in hope of getting something, he said, adding that many are those who have been moving around as AAP workers but actually had nothing to do with the party.

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