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Why did once die-hard AAP worker Waseem desert party to join BJP with his supporters in Okhla?

Once a die-hard AAP supporter, Waseem Saifi joins BJP with his Muslim supporters in Okhla on Friday. A Shram Vihar resident in Okhla, who was even allegedly eyeing AAP ticket in the MCD elections because of his alleged closeness with top AAP leadership, is to look for political fortune in the BJP now.

The buzz is that once Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal even attended an event in the locality organised by him.

Sources said Waseem Saifi always nursed political ambition and used to visit Congress MLA Asif Md Khan’s office regularly. However, things changed after the AAP’s historic victory in the Assembly elections and after Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal visited his locality, said sources, adding that Waseem thought it was time to fulfill his political ambitions.

However, he was allegedly sidelined by the local leaders despite joining the AAP, said sources.

And then the news came in that he joined BJP with his supporters with photo being shared by Jamal Haider on the social media.

“On Friday Waseem Saifi joined BJP with 400-500 people and has taken an oath to see that BJP wins,” he wrote.

OT.COM was unable to verify exactly how many people joined the BJP, but the media too carried the story with BJP MP Maheish Girri and BJP Delhi chief Manoj Tiwari seen welcoming the delegation in the photos.

Muslim-dominated Okhla for long has been a Congress bastion before AAP captured it, however, many political pundits said many people are joining the party. It was only years ago when a political turncoat Javed Iqbal Khan joined the party.

Moreover, local political observes lamented that several AAP supporters left the AAP to join AIMIM and other parties. Of them Afzal Ansari was one among them, who disillusioned joined the AMIMI, said sources.

However, one this is common among them is that they all political aspirants and there is no such dearth of such people in Okhla, a deprived Muslim locality.

CAPTION: Homepage photo credit Jamal Haider timeline

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