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3 Eid al-Adha resolutions when dengue deaths on rise in Okhla

Muslim devotees will celebrate Eid tomorrow morning. After offering prayer in the morning they will sacrifice animals in the name of Allah all over the world.

In New Delhi’s Okhla hundreds of thousands of Muslims will perform the duty of sacrifice with great religious fervour. In their devotion many forget their duties to keep their surroundings clean. Piled-up intestine on roadsides, blood on streets and animal waste have become a common sight. What a shame!

Due to overcrowding of the locality and little space in flats many residents prefer to slaughter animals on roads. The waste is left on the roadside for weeks. And situation in some streets gets worse with cleaners also asking for money to remove them.

The festival has been commercialized and everybody finds an opportunity to make quick money. These days the festival of sacrifice too is driven by greed and carelessness.

Moreover, there is no civic sense with some Muslims not concerned about cleanliness and other important religious acts that Islam has emphasized on

What is shocking is that such criminal neglect takes place in a colony that is overcrowded by religious and other Muslim organizations. It is a pity that nobody among them has started a campaign to convince the residents on these issues.

Years ago, a small group of residents in Zakir Nagar headed by a youth leader Md Faraz Khan had started a campaign by distributing black big bans, requesting residents to put the waste in it and not dump it on roadsides.

Let’s hope this year some sense prevails and residents cooperate with people who have taken up such initiatives to keep the locality clean. And it is important this year as several deaths due to deadly dengue has taken place in the locality due to mosquito breeding with several residents down with high fever and dengue.

Let’s take three resolutions this Eid
1) Not to slaughter animal on street
2) Not to dump animal intestine on roadside
3) Convince neighbours to keep their area clean

Also, we should remember the suffering people of the world regardless of their religion and region who have been pushed to the situation they are in because of an insensitive power elites (both Muslims and non-Muslims) and a corrupt system of governance that rewards dishonesty as claimed by US-based scholar Aslam Abdullah.

He wrote on his social media timeline: “So tomorrow, give an extra charity to a charity (Muslim or non-Muslims) so that we could claim that we have tried to live the lesson of sacrifice in our limited and humble way.”

(The article first appeared on OKHLATIMES.COM on October 26, 2012. We have been updating it every year with hope that things will improve but it looks that the call has fallen on residents’ deaf ears, who are unwilling to mend their ways. We hope changes might take place this year.)

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