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Three dengue deaths in only this lane of Okhla

How many people have died of dengue? If you ask this question to the officials certainly the answer will be a few maybe three. However, Jamia Nagar residents are not convinced with some activists, who have been keeping an eye on the deaths, are convinced that the dengue death toll is high, touching 30.

OKHLATIMES.COM could not authenticate this claim, but yes the death toll is certainly being under-reported in the media and by officials. The portal over the last few days has documented three deaths in one lane of Okhla in Abul Fazal Enclave. It all started a few days ago with the death of a mall boy due to dengue. The family from Bihar, living in the locality, was devastated. They claimed that their children died because of bleeding. Also, they showed the medical paper in which dengue was written.

The other case happened just a few meters from the house where a BUMS doctor died of dengue. The doctor has opened a clinic with his wife in the locality a few months ago, said residents, adding that after suffering dengue he didn’t recover from the deadly disease. His body was taken his hometown for burial. And since then the dispensary is locked.

That was not the end as report surfaced in the locality on Sunday of death of some 40-year-old Zeenut Beghum due to dengue. Family friends said she was hospitalised in a big hospital in the city after suffering from dengue- related complications.

This is not the only lane in Jamia Nagar where more than two deaths have taken place. If you go by some active residents’ claim then there are many such lanes in Okhla. Moreover, many residents pointed out that a large number of residents are down with high fever or suffering from vector-borne disease symptoms. The situation has gone so bad that several residents have now started doubting claims made by doctors and experts that these deaths are taking place due to dengue.

“I don’t think that deaths and suffering have to do anything with mosquitoes. Fogging too is going on in this locality. I am sure that it is something more than dengue or chikungunya,” said Shehzad Khan, a resident.

Another resident Munna, who too recovered from dengue, said: “This is year despite mosquitoes being less in the locality, vector-borne related cases were high. I don’t understand the reasons.”

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