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15 years of Phat Phat Sewa in Okhla

Old timers still remember how commuting from Okhla to Old Delhi, including Jamia Masjid, was an arduous task as buses used to be overcrowded.

It was in those days that Phat Phat Sewa came as a relief to commuters. In 2000, it all started with introduction of a few Phat Phat Sewa that used to ply people from Okhla to Jama Masji and vice versa.

Though overcrowded, residents used to prefer travelling on the big jeep that even today carries seven to twelve passengers as they found it a bit comfortable than the chock-a-block 402 and 403. The service was a hit, said Mamu, who has been manning the service in the locality since old days when the stand was at Okhla.

Gradually more jeeps came into service, said Mamu, who is known by only one name by drivers and other daily commuters. With the passage of time, the stand too shifted to Batla House now. Besides, several big old jeeps have now been replaced after the Delhi Government ordered these brown jeeps to go.

Now, new ones having with seating capacity of seven to twelve passengers can be seen.

Despite the order, a few still has survived.

“The scheme is allowed for replacement only for new four wheeled motor vehicles, with seating capacity of seven to twelve passengers excluding the driver. The vehicles under this scheme will operate as ordinary transport vehicle on contract carriage permits (without fare meter). The owners of these jeeps having permits will not need new permit to run the vehicle,” said a senior official of transport department as quoted by a daily a few months ago.

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