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12-yr-old entrepreneur Tannveer shoulders burden of family

12-yr-old entrepreneur Tannveer shoulders burden of family. It is 3 pm and streets of Okhla wear a deserted look. In this blazing heat residents, including youth and elderly, prefer keeping inside. But life is not a cakewalk for this 12-year-old young boy Md Tannveer, resident of Okhla Vihar. He is seen selling lemon water in the blistering heat.

young businessman md tanveer
Md Tanveer waits for customer
Though a school a drop-out, this young entrepreneur story is worth reading, at the tender age of 12 he is shouldering the burden of his family. “My father Rais Ahmad is old and stays at home. I work for him so that we can have a decent life,” he told OKHLATIMES.

Like many people, Tanveer’s family too came from Bihar’s Samistipur a few years ago with a dream to make it big in Delhi. Things didn’t go as the wishes of Tanweer’s father who initially started working as a lift caretaker. Later on as he grew old he left the job. The family resides in a jhuggi of OKhla Vihar.

When asked how much money, he makes by selling drink, Tanveer told OKHLATIMES these days the business is down as the university and school is closed. “It all varies. On a good day I am able to sell hundred glasses and that is pretty good business. But anyhow we earn enough to meet our daily need of food. My three brothers are also working,” he said.

Tanveer studied up till 5th class. He wants to continue his studies but not before establishing his family by earning a decent money. Will he be able to fulfill his dream?

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